Why Do I Want to be the Mayor of Milton?

Before I co-founded Preserve Rural Milton, I had never been very interested in local politics. That changed for me as I watched the clear-cutting and destruction of acres and acres of land and farms as development escalated in 2013. Helicopters even flew over my farm and those of my neighbors, looking for land to purchase for development. We regularly received letters in the mail with offers to buy our property. It was painful to watch. Every day, it seemed as though more land was clear-cut. Our city seemed to be losing its soul.

It was inconceivable to me and many others to see this happen, since it was completely contradictory to Milton's original city vision statement and city branding. Milton’s approach has, generally, been to stick with legacy zoning and traditional city planning methods. The truth is that these traditional methods are designed for shaping development and they do not offer good options for preservation. The one land conservation method Milton has in place - the Transfer of Developmental Rights Program - is not being optimally used.

For four years, I have tried to bring these ideas to city leadership, to no avail. Lack of vision, close-mindedness, failure of leadership, and a city falling into the same divisive patterns that exist on a national scale have resulted in over 70 new subdivisions being built in that span of time, with thousands of acres of land destroyed.

Finally, I decided that I had two options: either give up or step up.

I chose to step up.

I believe there are still many options available to preserve and enhance Milton's unique sense of place. I want to be Mayor because I believe my ideas will help the city do just that. Fresh ideas and leadership based on informed decision-making are critical as we face the challenges growth brings.

I am asking for your support and vote this November in pursuit of these ideals.

What Makes Me Qualified to be the Mayor?

As a professional Psychologist and small business owner, I bring over 15 years of business acumen to the table. My training and experience as a Psychologist provide me with the skills and insight about people to be an effective agent of change.

As the President of Preserve Rural Milton, I have been actively involved in encouraging land conservation in our city. We were the first to propose the greenspace bond almost four years ago. We have actively promoted increased demand for the Transfer of Development Rights program through the use of banking and through the purchase of development rights. Conservation preserves the city's "sense of place", improves quality of life, boosts residential property values, and is critical to the long-term success of our city.

A conviction of mine is to provide solutions in hand with offered criticism. I am a creative thinker and enjoy solving problems. I envision an ideal outcome and then start making detailed plans to achieve the vision. I have spent countless hours reading, researching, and learning about solutions for the challenges facing Milton. If I become Mayor, I will continue to search for the best and most effective answers for our city.

My Pledge

In our country and our city, we are in the midst of one of the most divisive and hate-filled times in our history. For this city election, I believe it is particularly important for candidates to stay focused on ideas and visions for the future of our city. With this in mind, I will conduct my campaign following these principles:

There should be no room in campaigns for personal attacks on another’s character or relationships. I will never attack my opponent's integrity or good faith.

Matters of public record are subject to investigation and evaluation. As a responsible citizen, I will continue to engage in honest and open critique of decisions of record whenever appropriate. Furthermore, should I be elected, I encourage the citizens of Milton to hold me to the same level of accountability.

I believe that politics should be generous enough to allow for citizens to compete for the same elected office and retain good will with one another. I will continue to pursue civil relationship with any person with whom I disagree as I engage in healthy, informed, and respectful debate about the issues at hand.

I will ask the same of any one who works with my campaign.