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Evergreen Environmental Education and Consulting OWNER, LEED GREEN ASSOCIATER,

Cindy Eade

New Endorsement from Cindy Eade : I am endorsing Dr. Laura Rencher for Mayor of Milton. I have worked closely with Laura over the past 6 years as an employee of the City of Milton, and also as a Board Member of Preserve Rural Milton, a 501c3 that she co-founded to protect the rural nature of the City. Laura has worked tirelessly to make the Elected and City officials accountable to the citizens of Milton and to make government more transparent. She understands probably better then anyone in the City, the tools that can be used to preserve what little land is left in the City. It is important that fresh, new ideas and a different leadership style come forward if you really want to protect the rural quality of life in Milton. By continuing down the same path, you can only expect the same results: more development, additional loss of green space, and continued transparency issues. The truth often hurts when we all live in our comfortable bubbles. However, citizens need to understand that the Milton City Government is very dysfunctional; much more then just "politics". How can you not hold the current top leadership responsible? Laura is by far one of the hardest working people both physically and mentally, man or woman, I have ever known and will give 100% to this job. People should not be complacent about their local government and it is time for a change in leadership if you want to see the City grow in a way that respects the land and the rural quality of life that has driven a lot of people to the beautiful Milton community.